Application Engineering

Digital channel plays critical role in any business, as it acts as the hub for all the customer/client interaction. It may be hard for any Business to develop and maintain the web applications of their need themselves, as it requires adequate expertise and right skill set.


At dataSirpi, we just don't develop applications - we innovate solutions for your problems. We employ design thinking process to make sure that we are developing the right solution for the problem. Read more on design thinking here.


With the mobile revolution, most customers access digital applications through mobile. We employ mobile first strategy so that the experience is seamless across all the digital channels.


At dataSirpi, We believe in defence in depth ie we build security control at all layers, to ensure atmost security for your application & data. Apart from security testing the application, we also test our components individually to assure security is not breached at ay level.


Often, as a client you may have thought - why is that you can't do some simple config or update, yourself and have to depend on a web development vendor to do it. We hear it, and we enable clients to configure & maintain the applications themselves based on their needs. We achieve this by providing supporting admin application along with supporting documentation so that you could do all those simple changes like updating a label, or switch an functionality on-off yourself, without reaching out to us everytime.