Cloud Native Adoption

We help Global Enterprises build On Demand infra in hours, helping modernize their business platforms with Near Zero downtime – allowing our clients to focus on innovation and building an agile organization.

Innovating Infrastructure

At dataSirpi, We consciously decided to focus on container technologies very early on due to its wide impact on Cloud & DevOps, and this has led to building deep expertise in Cloud Native Technologies. Microservices architecture, containerized applications and orchestrating these containerized services are three main aspects of Cloud Native Computing.

Whether you want to go the lift and shift route or you want to completely change the architecture of your current environment, migration to the cloud is a core part of what we do at Datasirpi.


We also offer 24/7 global cloud management services, whether you have a private cloud or take advantage of a public one like Google, Azure, Rackspace, or AWS. In other words, you can spend your time running your day-to-day business operations, and we will handle the rest